Our Window Cleaning System

We keep a Purple Cleaning Monster in the back of our van, his name is Pete!

Purple Pete’s job is to purify the regular tap water to a high standard which he does by eating all of the impurities.
This is the version that I have told my daughter, which she has accepted (to be fair she is only three!) for those of you that require a more grown up explanation, read on….

At Purple Window Cleaning we believe in having the right kit to get the job properly, for this reason (after a lot of research) we decided to kit out our vehicles with the latest range of Phoenix Van Mounted Systems from Facelift Cleaning Systems Ltd.

They are simply one of the most advanced vehicle mounted pure water purification and cleaning systems currently available to the window cleaning industry.

The system we have employed allows us to take tap water and purify it through De ionisation and reverse osmosis (in short, super filtration) making it suitable to clean windows (and other surfaces) leaving a streak free finish.

The system is driven by the Phoenix Black Box, which controls the pump, battery, charge, flow rate and water purity monitoring.
In addition, The Phoenix Van Mount showcases cutting edge functional design, fully integrated components, internal baffling, automatic shut off and multi point anchorage.
The robust design eliminates the need for any externally mounted working parts, which helps to prevent accidental damage meaning we spend more time cleaning our clients windows not losing time maintaining our kit!.

We are really proud of our system, without it we wouldn’t be able to deliver the high standard of window cleaning that our clients (quite rightly) expect from us.

There is a brief video on this page showing “behind the mask” of Purple Pete, and if you would like to see him in the van, just ask your window cleaner next time that they are cleaning your property and they will be more than happy to introduce you to him!