Q) I see that you are quoting ICO registration, what is that?
A)The ICO is the “Information Commissioners Office”, they are regulators of “Data Controllers”, IE any organisation that collects personal data (like us) such a names, addresses, contact details etc.
The ICO ensures that we collect, use and store your data in a legal, ethical, responsible and professional manner.
By registering with the ICO we are committed to safeguarding your personal data. You can read more on their website www.ico.org.uk
Our registration number is ZA068823.

Q) A lot of window cleaning companies offer all sorts of additional services, why don’t you?
A) We like to focus on our area of expertise as opposed to being a jack of all trades.

Q) Will you do the frames as well as the glass?
A) If they are UPVC or aluminium yes we will always do them as part of the service. If they are painted it depends on the condition of the frame as if the paint flakes it then gets stuck to your window pane leaving an awful mess and deteriates the condition of your window frame, if we think that this is going to be the case we can clean just the glass, should you want us to.

Q) You are more expensive than my last window cleaner, why?
A) A variety of reasons, we are a registered Ltd company which means we have to pay corporation Tax, the Tax man won’t let us off, we did ask by but he said “NO”!!

In addition to that we have invested heavily in infrastructure and training so that you the customer gets a highly reliable top tier service that is around for the long term, sadly for us, many of our competitors are seasonal pocket money window cleaners who don’t have the overheads of a legitimate business which, when evaluating what service to use based solely on price can make us look more expensive.

Q) Are you going to tie me up in a contract for a long period of time?
A) No, you can stop the service at any time, all we ask is that you give us 7 working days notice so that we have time to cancel your Direct Debit in time so that you don’t pay for scheduled clean.

Q) How do I know when you are coming?
A) When we first meet you we will have asked for a mobile number and e mail address that you would like to be contacted on, the day before we come to clean your windows we will text or e mail you so that you know that we are coming and you can unlock any gates or make any access arrangements that are required.

Q) How often will you clean my windows?
A) We clean on a four weekly cycle, give or take 3-5 working days to allow for extreme weather conditions, vehicle maintenance etc.

Q) Do you keep my bank details on file?
A) No, when we start up the service we will arrange for our Direct Debit partners (Go Cardless) to send you an e mail link to set up the Direct Debit, we never get to see your bank details at all.

Q) What is your “Rainy Day” Guarantee?
A) We clean in all weathers (apart from snow), we can do this as the pure water technology that we use is unaffected by the rain, when the water dries it will simply be streak free.
This is because rain water does not make windows dirty, typically the culprits are droppings, pollen and dust (occasionally we have sand blown over from the Sahara as well) so as long as we have cleaned your windows correctly, the windows will remain clean when the rain stops. Because of that we are happy to guarantee that if you are not satisfied that the windows are clean enough due to the rain then we will be happy to pop back and redo them at no charge, all we ask is that you call us within 24 Hrs so we can reschedule an operator to you.

Q) I have tried cleaning my own windows with telescopic poles from a DIY store and it dries white, what makes you think you will do a better job?
A) Regular tap water contains minerals, including, calcium and magnesium, It is these minerals which leave small white deposits on the glass. The water that we use is Pure water, we have pre filtered it by running it through our cleaning system in which the water goes through a de-ionising and de-mineralisation process. This purified water dries on the window pane to a crystal clear shine. We bring this water to your property with us in a 500 litre van-mounted tank.